Progressive vs. Traditional Wine Lists

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Traditionally, restaurants arranged their wine lists by variety or country of origin. In recent years, progressive wine lists, those organizing  wines by flavor profile from light to full-bodied, have become increasingly popular.  In compiling the research for our 2010 Chain Restaurant Report, we discovered that 36% of the restaurant chains surveyed used the progressive format.  However this portion accounts for 53% of the over 7000 restaurant units represented in our survey.  Apparently, this format is more common among larger chains. Of the chains surveyed with over 100 units, 85% are now using  progressive wine lists.

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Introducing Wine Lists USA

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This blog was created to share information regarding wine list content based on reports created by Winemetrics LLC, a company that supplies on-premise wine distribution information and analysis to the wine industry.  Our content is primarily of interest to those employed in wine brand marketing, restaurant beverage managment or other sectors of the wine industry and does not discuss wine ratings, tasting notes or other subjects of general interest to wine consumers.  Our subject matter here falls into 3 categories:  on-premise wine trends, wine list best practices and editorial regarding issues specific to the sales and marketing of wines on-premise. All of our posts are supported with quantitative analysis from our wine list database, which was most recently updated in July of this year.  Our focus here is strictly B2B.

We welcome all comments but ask that no particular wine region, variety, producer or product be disparaged or acclaimed in your message.   There are many other sites where such opinions are welcomed and encouraged; here we are interested in ‘ just the facts’.  We look forward to providing our readers with a great deal of valuable on-premise wine information in the coming weeks , months and years.

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