Another Winning Wine List: J. Gilbert’s

October 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

Upscale Casual Steakhouse Winner: J. Gilbert’s

 J. Gilbert’s was the top-scoring winelist of the Upscale Casual Steakhouses that we surveyed in Winemetrics’ 2010 Chain Restaurant Wine Distribution Report and one of the highest scoring of all 104 chains surveyed. We’ve streamlined our reviews to rate specific aspects important to wine consumers seeking variety and value in the restaurant wine selections. We would greatly appreciate your comments on the value and format of this review.

Web Presence: A+, 3 clicks to a pdf wine/food menu, with prices and the entire wine list. J. Gilbert’s actually puts a date on its online menu so you can see how current it is.

Wine List Format: A+, The entire wine list is included on the dinner menu. So you can be ready with your BTG choice when your server comes to take your drink order and don’t have to worry about juggling a drink/wine list while perusing the menu.

Pricing: C+, in the middle regarding pricing. Given that J. Gilbert’s does not have any locations in expensive urban markets, we expected the prices to be more reasonable.

Serving Size Selection: A, has 2 oz. and 6 oz BTG and a 9 oz. carafe for about 30% of BTB selection, also has 3 designated flights (but with this wine list you can build your own). If it added some interesting half bottles J. Gilbert’s would get an A+. Still as casual steakhouses go, this is the best list we have ever seen. 

Regional Diversity: A,  With wines from 12 different countries, J. Gilbert’s is far ahead of its competitors.

Varietal Selection: A+,  There are 30 different varieties present on this 90+ item wine list, but mainstream wine drinkers have plenty to choose from too. There are 18 different Cabernet Sauvignons, 14 Chardonnays , 11 Merlot and 8 Pinot Noir, enough to keep traditionalists from complaining  about the stray  Gruner Veltliner and Torrontes.   

Overall Grade: A  The size of this list borders on that of a fine wine list but the prices and selection say upscale casual.

Please Note: the analysis of any restaurant appearing in the feature above is based on observations of one or more lists and may not be completely representative of a chain or restaurant group as whole. Also, no accounts appearing in this section are, or have been in the past, clients of Winemetrics. Furthermore, no person involved with Winemetrics has a financial interest in, or is any way affiliated with, the accounts mentioned in this newsletter.


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