Argentina Wines Surge in Chain Restaurants

August 15, 2012 § 1 Comment

We reported that Argentina wines had increased BTB distribution on-premise around 20% in Winemetrics 2011 On-Premise Wine Distribution Report. No big surprise there, Malbec, which accounts for nearly 3/4 of Argentina’s on-premise distribution. is a crowd-pleaser. But it took the creation of our 2011-12 Chain Restaurant Report to quantify the scope of Argentina’s distribution and popularity. Of the 160 chains profiled in our survey, 124 have one or more wines from Argentina. That is more than Australia (119), New Zealand (109), France (108) or Chile (75). In fact, only the U.S. (160) and Italy (151) have wider distribution.  So while many chains believe they can build a wine list without Australian Shiraz, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc or French Champagne,omitting Argentina is, for the majority, non-negotiable.


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§ One Response to Argentina Wines Surge in Chain Restaurants

  • Malbec has positioned itself very well at lot of price points. Great 90+ Malbecs also helped. Wish Torrontes which is such a great find, can also grow and Argentina grows buyond Malbec before its too late. America moves fast when they discover the next big thing? so the more menu’s Malbec is in, the better it is for Argentina…

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