Introducing Winemetrics’ Trilogy™

November 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

As a reader of Winemetrics newsletter, you are probably aware of the three annual reports we publish: our On-Premise Wine Distribution Report dealing with brand and varietal performance on-premise, our Supplier Report ,which profiles the portfolio performance of Top 50 On-Premise Suppliers, and Winemetrics’ Chain Restaurant Report, which provides users with the ability to find distribution opportunities for their brands in 160 national and regional chains and restaurant groups.  While this is a vast amount of unique and very useful information, it requires an experienced analyst to optimize its utility for both the marketing and national account sales teams.  Further, from what I have learned anecdotally from various suppliers, most analysts are already overburdened with an ever-growing number of reporting tasks.

Over the past year, we at Winemetrics, have tested our own analyses with key suppliers and selected chains and both groups have resoundingly endorsed our insights. Based on this extremely positive reception, we are now offering a complete portfolio/brand performance and chain distribution analysis for our clients based on the content of our three reports. We are calling this new service Trilogy™. This will be available as a subscription service and will provide distinct advantages to our annual reports, which include:

1)     Trilogy™ subscribers will receive in-depth analysis of their portfolio and brand performance based on our entire database providing far more insights than are offered in our On-Premise Wine Distribution and Supplier Reports.

2)     Trilogy™ subscribers will receive biannual updates in April and December based on surveys of all casual and upscale casual chains in our database in January and September.

3)     Trilogy™ subscribers receive lists of target accounts based on distribution opportunities for specific brands/products discovered through our in-depth analysis of Winemetrics’ Chain Restaurant Report.

4)     Trilogy™ subscribers may pay less for this service than the combined cost of purchasing our three annual reports.

5)     Optional: Trilogy™ subscribers may create a specific chain sample, adding additional chains not currently included in Winemetrics’ survey. All reports and analysis would be based on this specific sample.

Please download and review our Trilogy™ presentation for more details here. To avoid revealing  details regarding current and potential client wine portfolios, we have used Ascentia’s portfolio data from 2010 to generate the content of this presentation.

Pricing for our Trilogy™ services is dependent upon the number of brands and products we are tracking for clients and the size of the account base selected.  To learn more about how to harness the crucial on-premise wine intelligence that Winemetrics offers, contact me at or 203-243-7397.

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