The Real Top 50 (plus 50) Brands On-Premise

March 28, 2013 § Leave a comment

Many of you have probably viewed the 24th Annual Restaurant Poll in the current issue of Wines & Spirits magazine. First, let me say I have the utmost respect for the magazine and its publisher and that I am a frequent reader. Secondly, the fine-dining, independent restaurants that make up the overwhelming majority of the survey are very possibly useful barometers of future trends in dining, especially in the over $50/bottle segment. However, this select group of 216 accounts should in no way be considered representative of what the average American wine consumer is drinking on-premise.  Winemetrics is in the midst of preparing report from our first survey of 2013, which was just recently completed so I don’t have current information to provide. I can, however, provide a list of the top 100 brands from our survey in early 2012 based on 165 chains and restaurant groups representing over 9000 accounts nationwide.

You may access this list here: Top 100 Brands On-Premise 2012. Hopefully,  this list will come in useful to brand managers whose mainstream brands did not make the top 50 in the W&S Poll or CMOs being upbraided for not anticipating the groundswell of Greek wine popularity that is apparently sweeping the country.




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