Wine Lists USA is produced by a 30-year wine industry veteran who has worked at every level of the industry, from managing vineyards and making wine to managing wine brands for a global wine and spirits company. While my main focus has been on wine, I have also worked with craft beer and spirits brands as well. For the past decade I have been providing suppliers and distributors with unique on-premise wine distribution data which define the performance of their brands within their competitive sets.  To do this we review hundreds of wine lists each year and compile relevant information into our database.  The posts featured on our blog are a result of that research. We are focused on providing on-premise insights to our target audience who are wine marketers, sales professionals and restaurant beverage managers.  We occasionally provide opinion in posts entitled “The Final Word” – otherwise we just report the facts from our ever-growing on-premise database. We hope you find our blog informative.

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  • Jon says:

    I enjoy the content immensely. I am trying to locate good information on sales distribution across house ‘casual’ wines and more premium wine selections. $, glasses, bottles … any ideas?

  • Tim Jones says:

    Excellent and very valuable analysis.

  • Laura Woolley says:

    I have been reading your posts about the decline in on-premise. I was at a baseball game at AT&T park and encountered their new “Vintage 58” booth that features about 8 wines on tap and an additional 10 or so selections by the glass. Glasses are $10 for a 6oz pour or $21 for a 12 oz. pour. There was a line that lasted about 10 minutes and there were plenty of people waiting. Are these sports venues considered “on-premise” since the alcohol is consumed on premise? I know in 1994 Camden Yards was the only park with a vendor selling wine and now most offer wine through their concessions. It would seem to me that this is a growth area since patrons are already accustomed to paying crazy prices given the venue.

  • Charles Gill says:

    Laura – Yes, this would be considered on-premise and it is heartening to see wine embraced in a traditional beer venue. In general, most wine is consumed on-premise in restaurants and it is there where wine is losing ground to cocktails and craft beer. Good to see wine being consumed in ballparks!

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